A SSD Technology a Day (4) – Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements (RAISE)

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RAISE is a technology developed by Sandforce that stands for  Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements. It is based on RAID ( Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology  and is used to protect against write errors. Sandforce controllers that implement this technology work in a way that is very similar to RAID 5. Every chip contains a number of dies (typically 8 or 16). Each die is the equivalent of a HDD in a RAID5 array and data is being spread across multiple dies and to enable recovery from a failure in a sector, page or entire block, the missing data can be calculated calculated from parity and the write is performed again in the same block.  For more information read the article on Sandforce website.

Crystal DiskInfo

You can use Crystal DiskInfo to check the number of errors where the Raise technology recovered from.