Automating encryption tasks with PowerShell

Recently I answered a question on how to automate a task that runs a DTS package, encrypts the result with PGP and then transfers the encrypted file to a FTP site. I became interested in this subject since I heard the same request from 2 people in less than a month and realized that this is a standard pattern for a business process. Extract.Encrypt.Transfer.

First person asking me this found the solution in having a .NET application designed to perform these task using existing .NET components.

I think the is a easier solution is a PowerShell script.

All ww have to do is script the following:

#execute DTSPackage
DTSRun /S "(DBServer)" /N "DTSPackage" /A "StringPar":"8"="String Value" /A "IntPar":"3"="1" /W "1" /E
#Encrypt result file
gpg -E Datafile.csv --options
#transfer file over to FTP
function Open-FTPConnection($ftphost, $username, $password) {

$ftp = new-object Indy.Sockets.FTP
$ftp.Host = $ftphost
$ftp.Username = $username
$ftp.Password = $password
return $ftp
function Close-FTPConnection($ftp) { $ftp.Disconnect(); } function Upload-FTPFile($ftp, $sourceFileName, $targetDir) {     "Uploading {0} into {1}.." -f $sourceFileName, $targetDir;     $ftp.Put($sourceFileName, ($targetDir + $sourceFileName), $false);     "Uploading of {0} into {1} is complete" -f $sourceFileName, $targetDir; } $f = Open-FTPConnection "localhost" "foo" "bar" Upload-FTPFile $f "C:[\Path]\Datafile.pgp" (Get-FTPCurrentLocation $f) "Datafile.pgp" Close-FTPConnection $f

Source code found here:

Command line GNUPG can be downloaded  from here:

Of course this needs some polishing but … this is can be easily reused