Things to do at PASS Summit 2012

Since there are over 5000 people that will be coming to Seattle this year for PASS Summit 2012 I was thinking to put together a list of things to do around the city.

Please feel free to add on to the list and I will try to update the content.Original Starbucks

First of all if you have not already done so, download the Guidebook app , search for Summit 2012 and load the official event schedule. This way any future updates will land right on your device.

  • #SQLRUN organized by Jes Borland @grrl_geek This will be a 5K run on Wednesday, November 7th at 6:00 AM.
  • Pike Place Market – about 6 blocks from the Convention Center  on Pike St – It is one of the oldest continually operated public farmers’ markets. If you are a coffee addict like me don’t miss the second Starbucks location in the original brown color scheme.
  • Seattle Monorail – You can ride a piece of history ($2.25 cash only/ one way) from Westlake Mall (2 blocks from Convention Center) to Space Needle and EMP
  • Space Needle –  Just like the monorail this iconic Seattle landmark was built for the1962 Seattle World’s Fair and featured in several movies like Elvis Presley’s It Happened at the World’s Fair
  • EMP Museum (formerly known as Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame)

I also recommend Denny Cherry’s SQL PASS 2012 1st Timers Webcast (low res only). He has a few more tourist attractions on the slides.


I will continue to add  items to this list, so come back soon.


Optimists, Pessimists and Technology People

I got this in the email a while ago and looking at it again, I had to post it because it is too funny.



Pessimist: “The glass is half empty.”

Optimist: “The glass is half full.”

Database Administrator: “The glass is sized correctly for peak loads.”

Virtualization Admin: “This person should be sharing a Dixie Cup with the guys in accounting.”

Business Intelligence Admin: “How can we upsell this customer to bottled water?”

Security Admin: “Whose glass is this? Half of the water has gone missing.”

Storage Admin: “This glass needs thin provisioning.”

ETL Admin: “We need a faster way to fill this glass.”

Active Directory Admin: “We need a secondary glass for redundancy.”

Backup Admin: “Nobody told me to take a snapshot of the full glass.”

Break Fix Admin: “Hang on, I’ll go get you another glass.”

Linux Admin: “I bet I could build a better glass myself.”

Project Manager: “I need a FTE for 15 minutes to accomplish the deliverable of a full glass.”

Azure Developer: “Why buy your own glass? The clouds are full of water.”

jQuery Developer: “When you start drinking, it automatically refills.”

Mac User: “Check out how much thinner and smaller my glass is, and it holds that much water too.”

Twitter: “The faucet is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again.”